Easy Redecorating!

I took a look around the old flat today, (after looking at a home decor magazine, big mistake), and I tried to define my ‘style’. Is it possible to NOT have a style? If I have to get personal, I would define my taste as… An eclectic, post modern-ish, mission feel, with a cottage cheesy, recycled mish mash, with a twist of ‘what was on sale’ blend of his and hers.

Okay, with that said, I have yet to settle down into one particular style and stay there! That’s a hard one for me, I suppose that it boils down to the fact that maybe I am a… ‘commitment phobe’! There I said it… and it wasn’t that bad, after all, to expose the inner workings of my mad genius.

Genius you ask? Well, what else could it be? The way I see it, if you don’t commit on anything, then you have the option to change your mind. Right?

Sure my abode is full of unmatched throw rugs, and mixed colored furniture. Frankly I like to keep my color options open. But think of the possibilities, I can change my ‘look’ at any moment, keeping visitors guessing if I remodeled or not! Yeah, I can move things around, from room to room, creating a new “look” at the drop of a hat! The only crimp in my mad master plan is, long time friends and family often recognize the same pieces of ‘decor’, and have this unending need to point it out. “Hey wasn’t this over there last week?”, or “Are you moving crap around again?”. The one I hate the most is, “Oh, I thought you threw that out!”

So let’s look at some of my favorite, EASY home decor trends for 2012.

Vintage –  This one is here to stay. Just get some old stuff and fill your flat. Hey you can even put it on your walls….

Used knickers, that’s just what came to mind for me, how about you?  (hope they put them through the machine before hanging).

As long as it is still functional, you will find Vintage is still in vogue.

Modern –  Sleek clean lines, contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers continue to seek materials, employing simplicity and lightness of form, in preference to heavy ornament. The Jetsons had it all right. Who needs comfortable furniture when you can have bare bones, function over design, space saving, sterile, decor? Reminds me of prison furniture. The good news is, it cuts down on cleaning since a lot of this decor is made of plastic. A minimalist dust and go environment is not only a time saver, but if you have kids, they can’t break anything.

So much for the “comforts” of home. Do these come with cushions?

The other thing I like about Modern, is that you can walk into any IKEA and deck your walls with cheap “art”. With modern decor, the subject can be anything, or nothing. No matter if you are a looking for a famous artist’s work or not, you really can’t tell the difference.  Just look….

Cottage –  (code name shabby chic = new but made to look old) This is a fun one and really easy, however those with sensitivity to snow blindness…beware!  So get some stuff,

  1. paint it white
  2. wire brush and sand the edges so the undercoat of paint or wood shows through
  3. sell it for a ton of money.

Then take some old stuff like bottles or wrought iron

  1. Leave plain or paint white
  2. rough them up, maybe drag them behind your car a bit
  3. sell them for a ton of money

Then get some wood frames, repeat steps 1,2 & 3 above.

This is the coolest ever! Look, you don’t even have to put anything in the frames…BRILLIANT!  No more messing with glass, or photos that don’t fit, heck you don’t even have to waste your time taking pictures anymore.  Cheers!


Spin Your Trash

I am all for recycling, and minimizing landfill space, all that save the planet stuff sounds good to me….BUT, even I have to draw the line on a few things every now and then. On recycling….well, case in point..



Am I the only one who missed it?  Seriously?

Okay, I get the artistic value, and that the artist is truly creative, but Really? If you look closely, you can see bottle caps, nails and pieces of an old keyboard. OKAY…100 points for creativity and the collective use of trash bin finds. Other than the demonic appearance, it’s well….interesting.

Moving on to “trashy” fashion…oh yeah this is brilliant!

Tires… not just for cars anymore. The way I see it, you drive through dirt, mud, waste, and who knows what else is on the roads these days, and then when the old DIRTY tires are removed, you pop them in the trunk, take them home, and make them into JEWELRY! Why the hell didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I didn’t because it’s MAD Bonkers!

But wait….why stop there? What could be more fashion forward than…. a designer tire purse!



Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget about you!! Nothing says sexy like a used tire….



So Guys, here is your chance to save money on the AXE cologne you dish out the big ducats for, and Ladies, nothing smells quite as nice as a little Amour All to go with your tire. Hmmm, that said , I should come out with my own line of tire shine products, maybe scented.

Now that I have wrapped my mind around this, I can kinda feel where the innovators of fashion, world saving, creative thinking types, (mixed with a little crazy), are coming from. Heck, I have tons of junk worthy of the trash. I think I may have to jump on board with my innovative offering, and save the planet at the same time!

I’m going to get this patented so those of you thinking about stealing my idea, I gotta warn you!!! I will prosecute!

Here it is….designer furniture!!!!!!! Made with…you got it…DESIGNER CLOTHING! It will sell for millions! Just think you can put your a$$ on all your favorite designers! LOVE IT! Cheers.



God Save The Queen!

Well it’s that time again, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is in full drive in Great Britian this week. What the heck is QDJ, you might ask?


The Diamond Jubilee is the celebration of The Queen, who has been Head of the Commonwealth for her 60th year. This is an important symbolic and unifying role which reinforces the links by which the Commonwealth joins people together from around the world. A hem hem…


Diamond Jubilee Weekend celebrations concluded with a spectacular Ceremonial Day beginning with a service at St Paul’s Cathedral,

followed by a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace and finally a Balcony appearance, Flypast, and Feu de Joie.




It’s summer. And as the days get warmer, you will undoubtably get an invitation or two from friends for the big summer party. I always love the party that not only invites you, but invites your food with special emphasize on your booze. Potluck, share and care, bring our own, no matter what it’s called, it brings to mind the thought of really cheap hosts, or just plain bad cooks.

The bad cook part… I really don’t mind bringing something to eat….really.  After all, if the food sucks, you know you can rely on what you have brought. BTW…that has happened more than once to your’s truly. The food I brought turned out to be a God send, and the only thing I had to worry about was keeping everyone else at bay once they discovered the secret.

That’s where the “bring your own booze” comes in. My theory is, just keep everyone so drunk that they won’t notice how bad the grub is, or that the host just put out more five day old potato salad. You know the potato salad with black pieces of “potato” in it and comes out of a plastic tub? Have you ever looked at the ingredients in one of those? It reads like a murder mystery novel with countless toxic characters, and their side kicks all guilty of intentionally trying to kill you!

Well with that said, enjoy your next party. Please do me a favor, BYO potato salad! Cheers.

Fair Trade – Fair is Fair!

Your Dollar Can Change The World

I have always thought about taking on some huge worthy cause. Maybe lobby in Washington for the liberation of Tibet. Though I’m not doing the afore mentioned things, I am changing the world, and so can you. How? It’s actually very simple. Fair Trade.


As a consumers, you and I have major purchasing power. I can choose where I spend my money and with whom. So why not couple that power, and make an impact in another community or country, and purchase fair trade products?


Fair trade practices ensure that workers are compensated fairly, profits are reinvested back into communities, and production adheres to strict environmental standards. The benefits are truly all encompassing. By making small changes in my consuming habits, I can help to change the life of people around the globe. Fair trade practices do not rely on a “hand out”, but instead a “hand up”. This enables disadvantaged people to build sustainable businesses that benefit not only them, but their communities too. Fair trade practices break the cycle of poverty.




Companies that offer fair trade products are growing everywhere. There are thousands of products for consumers to choose from with fair trade logos are attached.  We can dress and accessorize stylishly, and at our favorite local shops, find delicious fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate and wine! Seems pretty fair to me and a win win for everyone.



Well Say It Already!

Got something to say? Feel free…please keep it civil, fresh, and watch the profanity. (Not that a little profanity is sometimes the only option). Okay, now that we have that clear…let the games begin!